IDE-CDROM for OS/2 2.0

I’ve slowly been trying to piece together my old Netware 4.1 stuff to try to run it on Virtual PC… the best I can find is that I’d need parts of Netware 6 to get the networking to run….

But then the other day, I had remembered that you could run Netware 4.1 under OS/2 (the 32bit ones)..

The only ‘snag’ is that I’d need a working CD-ROM driver… And IDE-CD’s didn’t become somewhat popular until the 3.0 WARP days.

Well I did manage to find this zip file, CL_ATAPI.ZIP (Mirror CL_ATAPI.ZIP) that contains the IDE drivers!.. And as it mentions in the BBS description it’ll work on 2.0! Except that it gives NO hints on how to install it.

After a LOT of googling around, I was able to piece together a working solution. Adding this to the config sys by first commenting out the ibm1s506.add.. (Naturally unzip into the os2 directory!

BASEDEV=IBM1s506.add /A:1 /U:0 /ATAPI
ifs=c:\os2\cdfs.ifs /q

And there we go, drive D all set!

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  1. Ok in your link now there’s no driver with a 404 Error. Is there any other web site to download the driver. And more specific for OS/2 2.0 the OS/2 3.0 IDE Driver works on OS/2 2.0?

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