Making do with NT 4.0 Terminal Server

The NT 4.0 server box.. 5CALs!

I’ve been using NT 4.0 terminal server as of late, as my copy gives me 10 users and well.. it’s cool!  One thing is the new XP and beyond terminal services clients will NOT work, but you can use the one that shipped with NT 4.0 just fine…

Anyways I’ve worked out this install order to get the most out of the thing…

*Install NT 4.0 TSE
*Install 4.0 Option pack with SMTP
*Install sp6

*Installer windows installer 2.0
*Install IE5 (for MSJAVA) *skip webfolders.
*Install messenger 5.0
*Install office 97
*Install bookshelf 98
*Install Office 97 sp1
*Install Office 97 sp2
*Install IE6

Optional bits…

install firefox 1.5
install dosbox 0.72


This is the best way to ‘balance’ the software as most things will NOT play nicely if it’s installed in the ‘wrong’ order.. It’s.. annoying which means format & try AGAIN..  This is the drawback to Terminal Server 4.0 it was such a … public ALPHA.

As it stands right now MSN messenger will not work, something about its reported version.. I’m working on a fix for that…  Also I’ll have to see about a good point to load in Visual C++ 2.1 …

One thought on “Making do with NT 4.0 Terminal Server

  1. Nice! I have Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and use it on my PC (it's an old fart with 96MB of RAM and a Pentium Processor) and it is working fine with me.

    I wish modern Windows had the same character NT 4.0 has.

    Of course don't expect to do anything too modern with NT 4.0 – I can run Opera 10 snapshots on it though 🙂

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