UK is over the edge: blocked at the telecom level

Well at first that looks weird. It pings and all so I jump to incognito mode, and…

My EE – Content unlock

Content Lock on EE helps to keep you and your children safe online by blocking 18-rated content.
We have three settings – Strict, Moderate and Off so you can choose exactly what level of security you’d like.
Please note: All new and existing accounts with Content Lock enabled have the “Moderate” setting applied by default. Content Lock is only activated when you’re using our network – not when you’re using WiFi.

And this is EE censoring . UNREAL!

Going through the SIM registration, and login….

You need a credit card to get it unlocked. Luckily my Hong Kong business card worked, as always set the zip code to ‘0000’.

Thanks over reaching corporations (at the behest of who?) from blocking me from the past?


6 thoughts on “UK is over the edge: blocked at the telecom level

  1. I think it’s because this is a common workaround for blocked sites – just request a capture of it and view that instead. Not saying that I agree with it however.

  2. Is this the end result of the digital economy whatsit they passed there like 5 years ago? Like consumer ISPs have to have provide this filtering by law, on by default with an opt out like this?

  3. I have been a Internet Archive subscriber for over 20 years and a Three mobile phone Sim card user for 4 days, first time I haven’t been able to access my and others papers of historical interest to aid my reseach. This time next month I will still have .my Internet Archive account but most definitely will not have a Three account.

    • It’s blocked on all of them. You have to do the proof of ID to unlock it, as I found with EE. Most people in the UK are totally oblivious to this as once I got DSL it wasn’t blocked, and now Ive been here over a year I finally have enough credit to qualify for a subscription cellphone plan, not the monthly, and there was no block there.

      It seems it is only tourists and people with poor credit/income that are immediately blocked from . There is no internet freedom here at all sadly, no free speech, no right to host or say anything.

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