VMWare Player 7 is out!

First the pro version is still on sale, ending on December 5th

VMware Player 7 pro
VMware Player 7 pro

And for those wondering, where is the regular VMware Player 7? Buried down in the downloads section.. Right HERE!

VMware Player 7
VMware Player 7

Or if you prefer:

First of all support for 32bit hosts is gone.  This build should have better support for Windows 10.  For those who are worried, 7 still supports Windows 9x, NT 4.0. My nested ESXi still works fine, as does my Novel Netware 3.12!

And for Mac users, VMware Fusion 7 is on sale, which is great for OS X users who’ve upgraded to OS X 10.10

What is the difference between Pro and Free? From the FAQ:

  • VMware Player Pro is designed to be used commercially. It is licensed for use by employees, training organizations, contractors and can be transferred to partners or potential customers.
  • VMware Player Pro is enabled to run restricted virtual machines created by VMware Fusion Pro or VMware Workstation

For me, Player 6 removed the ability to easily create VMnet adapters easily, allowing elaborate network configurations with GNS3.  Minus a few UI issues I’m kind of liking Windows 10.  I may switch out my main OS, although I’ll certainly need the newer player.

Anyways, no I don’t get paid for this kind of thing, but I know people who use this stuff won’t want to miss out on a sale.  ESX starter is on sale as well, but only 15% off.

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10 thoughts on “VMWare Player 7 is out!”

  1. As far as I know, VMware Player 7 and VMware Workstation 11 also dropped Windows XP and Windows Vista support. Windows Vista is more than half-way through the Extended Support Lifecycle and Windows XP is already out of support. 🙁

    I was also thinking if VMware Player 9 may further remove Windows 7 compatibility in not too many years from now.

    1. I was also thinking if VMware Player 9 may further remove Windows 7 compatibility in not too many years from now.

      Not likely. Didn’t 7 only recently over take XP’s install base? Vendors are only just now dropping XP support, likely because it’s only recently commericially viable to do so.

      I think 7 will be with us for quite some time to come…

      1. Windows 7 recently took over Windows XP’s userbase. However, Microsoft stopped selling OEM licenses of Windows 7 Home Base, Home Premium and Ultimate to PC manufacturers/system builders recently and Windows 7 loses Mainstream Support in a little over a month from now.

        Windows XP marketshare dropped from 23% to just 14% due to a gradual data adjustment from NetApplications. Having a modest, but rapidly shrinking Windows XP userbase is not a excuse for being on a unsupported OS.

        I’m only referring to Windows XP and Vista as the host OS, btw.

    2. Drop support for the most popular version of Windows ever? No way!

      From the feature sheet:

      Continue to run Windows XP in a virtual environment on modern hardware

      Don’t worry, XP isn’t going anywhere.

      1. I’m was actually referring to consumers who are still running Windows XP and Windows Vista as the host OS.

        I don’t know if VMware Player 7 still works on Windows Vista as a guest operating system as it hasn’t been tested under this release.

        1. Windows XP users won’t have 64bit CPU’s so they are out. Vista machines with 64bit cpu’s are early stuff and they are out of luck too.

    1. Workstation creates ‘expiring VMs’… and some other stuff that normal people would never touch. I think the other “killer” feature is the virtual networks…

  2. Thanks for this post. I had been waiting on upgrading Workstation till they had a sale. I didn’t see any deals on the coupon sites on Monday so I assumed they weren’t going to do it this year. Glad I was wrong!

    1. No problem, I saw this on G+ of all things… They aren’t exactly promoting this in the right places. Although I guess I should load up vbox again as it’s certainly added more stuff in the last year since I’ve used it.

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