QNX 2.21 Arrived Today

(note this is a guest post from Tenox)

So that QNX 2.21 from the previously established purchase fund has arrived today. As an added bonus, I expected 4 x 5.25″ disks, but the media turned to be a single 3.5″ floppy disk. So it’s better suitable for more modern 286 machines and emulators.

qnx221 floppy

I have imaged the floppy to a raw disk dump and booted in VMware Workstation for verification.

qnx 2.21 on vmware

The floppy disk image was sent to those who contributed in the previous post.
Manuals are always available here.

Update: the floppy disk image is here…

21 thoughts on “QNX 2.21 Arrived Today

  1. What? Why not make it public? It’s already pretty hard to care about a minor version bump, but with limited availability, this shit is bound to happen again.

    • I want to give a chance to chip in for people who already promised but need to wait till the end of a month or come back from holidays. What about you?

    • No it doesn’t. It’s a separate product same as say Windows 1/2/3.x would be to MS-DOS. I don’t have the media either, but have a backup taken from a working system with QNX Windows. I will make that available at some stage.

  2. Is the offer of an image of the floppy still good? I am in need of a boot disk for
    QNX and this would be really helpful to me. If the offer of an image is still good I am ready to send $50 for your trouble.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. I know this is years later, but I could also really use a copy of this disk. If it’s still around, I would gladly pay you.


    • I tried emailing the author to see if he was still interested in providing images but I never heard back from him.

      I even went out and acquired some actual QNX2 licenses, but I don’t have the media so my plans to setup a publicly accessible QNX 2 network for people to visit is unfortunately on hold indefinitely.

    • Nowhere. Anyway, subscribe.

      (hehe, just made an 1.44live floppy + install binaries of Coherent v3.0 for 80286, it is freejack since 2015 )

      • You mean subscribe to the “chip in fund” of the purchased floppies? Will I get a bootable floppy with its license if I chip in?

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