Qemu test…

*Edit, this is completely out of date, and replaced by the much more improved Apache 1.3 for Windows NT 3.1.  Not that it’s visible to a visitor, but it’s live @ http://winnt31.superglobalmegacorp.com/

Well I figured I’d try Qemu on the PowerPC 64 platform… (AKA Playstation 3), and I loaded up NT 3.1 & Serweb… Not exactly a ‘high performance’ solution but I wanted to see it work..

And you can too!

I just put some minor things on NT 3.1 on there, although I’ll have to get something… better on there.

In the meantime, enjoy some old cat stuff.

1 thought on “Qemu test…

  1. I’ve since lost access to the playstation3, and the old NT 3.1 instance is down… I saved a copy, I just need to find some cheap way to host it, but I may have a plan….

    As much as I enjoyed being the only Windows NT 3.1 machine on the internet…

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