Qemu test…

*Edit, this is completely out of date, and replaced by the much more improved Apache 1.3 for Windows NT 3.1.  Not that it’s visible to a visitor, but it’s live @ http://winnt31.superglobalmegacorp.com/

Well I figured I’d try Qemu on the PowerPC 64 platform… (AKA Playstation 3), and I loaded up NT 3.1 & Serweb… Not exactly a ‘high performance’ solution but I wanted to see it work..

And you can too!

I just put some minor things on NT 3.1 on there, although I’ll have to get something… better on there.

In the meantime, enjoy some old cat stuff.

One thought on “Qemu test…

  1. I’ve since lost access to the playstation3, and the old NT 3.1 instance is down… I saved a copy, I just need to find some cheap way to host it, but I may have a plan….

    As much as I enjoyed being the only Windows NT 3.1 machine on the internet…

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