Stadia controllers can be re-flashed to generic PC controllers

Stadia controller

So I saw this controller for sale for 20. I figured that there ought to be a way to hack it to do something useful so it may be fun. Turns out all it needs is a re-flash of new firmware and it’ll become a generic controller.

All you need to do is peer it to your computer, go to and follow the prompts.

You might be slightly scared that the browser can talk directly to bluetooth devices, including the unlock, and re-programming the controller.

And yeah after that it’s all unlocked and good to go!

Not sure if it matters all that much, but for anyone wanting either a controller on the cheap, or if you bought into Stadia when it was a thing (did anyone remember other than the announcement and the expected cancellation?).

I guess it’s nice that google is providing an unlock service but I’m sure that won’t be around forever, so yeah. yay.

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