3 thoughts on “I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words

    • I’ve never really got that far into the older ‘mainframe’ stuff… I used to work professionally with CICS on a super big 390 20+ years ago, and I’ve only retained that ‘not liking it’ feeling.

      Since I was one of those QNX kids of the 80’s in Ontario I got bit but the Unix bug too early.

      • UNIX is more based on CTSS than on Multics.

        “A good case can be made that UNIX is in essence a modern implementation of MIT’s CTSS system” — Dennis M. Ritchie, (1977). The Unix Time-sharing System: A retrospective. Tenth Hawaii International Conference on the System Sciences.

        “The things that I [Ken Thompson] liked [about Multics] enough to actually take were the hierarchical file system and the shell” — Seibel, Peter (2009). Coders at work : reflections on the craft of programming. New York: Apress. p. 463. ISBN 9781430219491.

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