Can you trust a man in a van with your virtual plan?

Once upon a time this was a legitimate ad. Tad from Sadly the domain has all but lapsed and finding any reference to this ad is pretty much impossible to search for. You’d think with the ‘glamp’ of vanlife and living in a van that people would love to take notes from the Microsoft VM-limited 70’s style conference van.

Nissan NV350

Instead I was getting crap like this Nissan NV350 which looks so 1960’s SciFi that it’s just unlivable and unusable. Compare that pod living thing to this incredible 1970’s themed van from VM-limited!

So comfortable!

From leather chairs, rolodexes, tube televisions to the mandatory ashtrays, wood paneling and shag carpet how could this not be a ‘work from the road’ thing today? While looking at other solutions for working on the road they seem to be so boring and unlived in that they feel about as legit as that new starwars hotel that looks like a telephone game of ‘space conflict’.

As far as I can tell it started as a print campaign in 2011 to be launched the same time as the big VMware convention (vmworld?!) back then.

2011 print ad

I do have to admire the very Atari-esque look of it. Apparently it was good enough to get some videos shot in the van:

And along with that was a TADTalk. I mirrored it on my site, and with a bit more searching I found some more and put them on

It’s too bad the domain lapsed, and Microsoft didn’t hop onto the van-life trend with their future thinking retro 70’s conference van.

Anyways to help me google/bing it in the future Microsoft man in van selling virtualization.

Anyone else living the nomadic life? I guess with wife + kids it’s hard, but I’m sure someone is doing it.

6 thoughts on “Can you trust a man in a van with your virtual plan?

  1. totally off-topic but have you been ddos’d a lot lately? since the cloudflare thing was enabled i need javascript to read virtuallyfun which sucks for old computers {e.g. my amiga) : {j

    • yes it’s all quite annoying. And log4j has basically killed my christmas. the place I consult for has had catastrophic issues stemming from ‘too good to be true’ and ‘constantly evolving foss’ stuff that cannot be updated without breaking everything, so it bitrots in the corner to only find out people have exposed it, and it’s become circular death.

      all I can say is the best part is that security platforms were hit the hardest as they have full access ‘to do scans’. fantastic.

      • whoa man. really sorry to hear that.

        in our neck of the woods things have been eerily quiet aside from some ‘security officers’ (lol they’re like cops now) shouting in the dark, us engineers agreeing, but we can only fear what’s to come.. it’ll all depend on the app devs/maintainers and january is going to be black..

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