EA pulls Syndicate from GOG

No it’s true!

Before all the Summer stuff ended I had intended on picking up Syndicate on GOG. I don’t know why I hadn’t just bought it earlier last month but here we are. I was thinking back then there was no rush, after all the game is crazy old. But then I looked this morning, and poof it’s gone.

The killer is that on archive.org you can see it was even on sale 8th of August. So who knew this was the last chance?

I guess this means EA is doing a new Syndicate? Or they are going to start making their own retro store? Or perhaps it’s some kind of legacy divesture? I’m on the outside, but looking in something interesting happend to a much older EA published game, M.U.L.E.

Back when M.U.L.E. was published it came in this fancy almost ‘single’ vinyl sized folio. Very stylized and that 50’s into the 80’s vibe that was popular at the time.

And yes in the bottom right is the EA logo!

Now going to GOG M.U.L.E. has been released!

So what is going on with older EA titles? I didn’t see anything in the GOG forums.

I can’t possibly be the one to break this weird EA story.

5 thoughts on “EA pulls Syndicate from GOG

      • you’re right. this is a more complicated issue than i made it out to be.
        however, i still think that in the case of 20+ year old titles, these efforts should be driven by giving enthusiasts wider access to the original artwork, tools, maybe even opening the source code – and not by capitalising on nostalgia.

        • It’s something the old iD stuff has been good about. although for many of the other stuff I get the feeling all the old source and assets are long gone.

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