Microsoft to buy Bethesda

In the world of “If you can’t encourage an exclusive, buy it” here we are at this crossroad again. With the new MS console getting ready to be pushed out into the world, there is no doubt that we are not only in for a new deluge of Skyrim ports, but the much anticipated Starfield should be appearing on nextgen consoles, the best way to keep it exclusive is to just buy the beleaguered studio, and push onwards.

No doubt the fallout from … Fallout 76 has burnt a lot of people, so this may just further isolate their diminishing fan base, only time will tell. Or normies just don’t care about FO76 as it was some MMMMOOOORPG thing that normal people don’t care about, and all they want to do is kill dragons, and shoot lazzer beams from their hands.

One thing that is kind of fitting is that the culture of ‘release it and patch it in the field’ is in safe hands at Microsoft!

Praise be Todd!

3 thoughts on “Microsoft to buy Bethesda

  1. unrelated to this post but do you know what has happened to Tenox’s documentation library. I see it’s gone from and his website. I was looking for a couple of xenix PDF’s and it’s all gone. As an aside I’ve always enjoyed your site and especially your xenix posts, I even have a working xenix laptop…

    • to be ‘pc’ about it there was a falling out, and it’ll be reappearing somewhere else soon enough.

      As soon as the content is synchronized I’ll have details on it.

      I was surprised as well.

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