Discord channel added by popular request

Since it’s hip with all the kids these days, and I’m always asked to create one..

https://discord.gg/HMwevcN (Link is updated to not kick after idle? whatever it is, I’m no discord power user)

Feel free to drop on by and say hello..

*Update from the future. I had to shutdown the irc/matrix due to people abusing them for ban evasion. As much as people envision a free speech utopia on other people’s platforms, reality says it isn’t so. And I don’t have the time, effort or interest to go through what kiwi farms goes through to get around the fallout of being removed from banking, having to get their own ASN and peering with different isp’s all the time, along with dealing with the DDOS’s of the upset teenagers. You can read about what happened to voat, and I just don’t have the time or patience for either of these experences.

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