GCC moved to git!

After all that flap about having moved GCC into GIT I thought it would be worth checking out, you know digging for interesting old artifacts.

I found the ‘start’ back over here on github:

Sadly the ‘initial revisions’ only contain a few files, far from the contents of the ’87 archive.


Not that I would envy anyone crazy enough to do such a thing, I was just hoping someone else would have done a better job than I did.

4 thoughts on “GCC moved to git!

      • alright it is working now, thanks.
        and their git is converted from svn and earliest rev dated in 1988-11-23 vs earliest change in ChangeLog dated 1988-01-09 (gnu c 1.17), so either older changes are not in RCS or they get lost between VCS changes/migration.
        but still not the earliest as gnu c 0.9 dated 1987-03-22.

        • I thought it was interesting that nobody looks at the first commit and even asks if it makes any sense at all… Not that I could imagine a massive project like this, but I wonder how much stuff was left out.

          Kind of sad how opensoftware quickly loses it’s history.

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