‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the office

UPDATE the Jingsha finally redeemed itself. It was the RAM.

Not a peripheral was stirring, not even a mouse;
The new motherboard was strewn on the floor in dismay,
In hopes that this crap Jingsha board would finally work;

The processors were nestled all snug in their sockets,
While visions of posting danced in their heads;
But motherboard back in her antistatic bag, and I in my cap,
Had just settled on giving this thing a long winter’s dirt nap…

Contents of the box

On the surface this board seemed like quit the bargain. The Jingsha x79 dual socket board features 8 memory slots unlike the 4 in the Huananzhi board allowing me to go from 64GB of RAM to 128GB! In addition the board also has a native M.2 storage slot! All for the low low price of around $100 USD!


While I did find that upgrading my power supply to the bigger 850 watts which certainly didn’t hurt stability, I thought that it’d be more than enough power for this new board.

And I kind of liked the idea of having a management engine that might out for ‘lights out’ when I’m traveling.

But no, it was nothing but grief. Most of the time I was stuck with error 99 which apparently has something to do with not enough power on the PCI bus? Granted I was rocking my RTX-2070, but it was running fine in the Huananzhi! Putting in the lowest & dumbest video card I had got it to boot windows up, quickly followed up with a crash.


Now for the best part, I pull the disks, as I’ve had this install going from my old Mac Pro, so maybe the HAL is stale or something else is going on like that old bootcamp error. So I make an install USB stick, with NO customizations, using the Microsoft tool. AKA stock.

And I get the same crash.


What the Fuck. I don’t even know. Considering it’s crashing on install media it’s clearly the boards fault. The processors worked fine in the old board, and putting them back along with the memory and it’s working fine again. Something is wrong with the board.

So back into the bag, back into the box, and onto the shelf. Can’t say I’m such a happy elf.

Anyway it’s getting late. I’m off home, but a quick stop to the grocery store to try to remember how to make eggnog or something to at least make me forget this wasted sideline.

3 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the office

  1. Hey, I actually own this board! I bought it over a comparable Ryzen board because I am stupid. I use it with 2 E5-2667 v1s and a 1070ti, and haven’t had these issues. I do, however, have three issues:
    1) Randomly in Linux, the system will hang for 3 seconds and then reboot
    2) The Management Engine doesn’t work
    3) LGA2011 has awful single-thread performance and is less upgradable than a comparable Ryzen setup
    4) I spent $250 on this
    Please end my suffering
    0/10 would buy again

    • Wow that sounds like u got lucky by not being able to boot into an OS.

      I paid more for the huananzhi, but it’s a far superior board. I loaded mine up with half my new ram for 64gb and installed Windows Server 2019 and its been up for the wwek+ it’s been.

      I put the Linux subsystem and sshd on there so I can connect like a real Linux machine, but I can still run Sql server 4.21a

      Single thread performance sucks sure, but I use it for building and its nice to crank out on 32 Cores finishing some builds in seconds… No need for incremental stuff, just make all!

    • I started to build out some Linux on the boards, and found out that the memory was being detected incorrectly.

      The Jingsha was rebooting with no notice in under a few minutes. I enabled NUMA, and caught the memory errors. My memory is 1066Mhz but the board was trying to run it at 1333Mhz. Oddly enough Windows didn’t care. Anyways I’m now up for an hour, a new record!

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