Quake 2 for the RTX just got updated

Back when OpenGL accelerated hardware became a thing at the consumer level (and even non OpenGL, like the Rendition Verite v1000E !) games like Quake suddenly took on an entirely new life, with the amazing ‘realism’ that OpenGL could bring. And what an amazing change it was from the software renderer.

I had bought the Diamond Fire GL 1000, and it honestly kinda sucked. It did the OpenGL demo’s okayish under Windows NT, but Quake, not so much. But it was a sign of things to some, as I could run the 3D pipes screensaver without running the CPU at 100% But the Fire was meant more so for ‘adult’ or productive things, not for playing a game.

Oh how times haven’t changed all that much.

new glass!

At any rate, Quake II for the RTX, has been updated on Steam. It’s hard to believe it, but it looks even more so amazing than before. The ‘solid glass’ option looks pretty nice too.

At the moment I don’t have anything else really RTX ready so to speak. But it ssure looks pretty amazing!

4 thoughts on “Quake 2 for the RTX just got updated

  1. Honestly, Unreal 99 (not Tournament), had the same appealing that Quake II has now this RTX thing when played with a 3DFx Voodoo card like… more or less 20 years ago :-P.

    • Lol although still images don’t do it justice…. And while doing the MS-DOS port I spent so much time in the software renderer that this looks beyond amazing.

      I should do a video capture…

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