WRP Runs on Windows

(This is a guest post by Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox)

Thats right, the new beta version of Web Rendering Proxy runs natively on Windows. Single EXE, no libraries or dependencies required. Only Chrome Browser.

I took a Internet Explorer 1.5 for a spin today while WRP was running on my Windows 10 PC. Worked just fine.

I have added Prev/Next buttons so that you can easily “scroll” through long pages.

ISMAP support has been added, proof:

You can download a preview build on github.

9 thoughts on “WRP Runs on Windows

    • Awesome thank you! Can you also check the latest update and ISMAP support? Note that for ISMAP you need to supply WRP’s own address/port so that absolute URLs can be constructed. Otherwise you will be redirected with meta-equiv redirect. But you can try it too I guess.

  1. Wow that takes me back to 2010, where I developed a software with the same concept.
    My school back then had a very restrictive proxy and people wanted to browse the full internet.
    My software just loaded a page, made a picture from it, sent it to the user, took keyboard input for input fields and clicked where the user clicked. Simple and I charged 1€ per month per user, so I had this going for me.

    • Wow thats cool. What happened to it? I would like to see it! I’m also thinking about modifying WRP to operate in mouse point in click mode instead of enumerating hrefs. Also there is a public service like this called pcidae.net, perhaps others too.

      • It was really basic with the server & client written in Pascal/Delphi with a very plain TCP protocol. The server just took a screenshot (whenever there as a key or mouse button pressed on the client) of the entire browser window and cropped the unnecessary things out. The client took the jpg from the server and displayed it.
        Rather embarassing what I did back then!
        Regarding mouse click vs. enumerating hrefs: Why not both? Keep up the good work.

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