Welcome to 2001: The year the internet was IE 6

The year that the internet stagnated as everything was Internet Explorer 6.

So I went ahead and did it, installed the new version of Edge that uses chronium. Firefox slit it’s own throat trying desperately to suppress Gab’s dissenter plugin, just as Google has done it’s best to prevent ad blockers like AdNauseam.

It’s kind of funny, but Edge doesn’t complain about loading extensions. It isn’t trying to control anything, it ‘just works’. Maybe it’s a side effect of Microsoft playing catch up, and too busy to start policing extensions, and user expandability. I’ve read so many things online about how Word is going to police English grammar into being more PC, so I guess it’s only a matter of time until they decide that user’s can just load whatever 3rd party software they want. There is just too many of these crap walled gardens.

I kind of liked it when there was a more ‘open’ internet, but with the shuttering of YTMND.com, the old internet is gone. Facebook is absolute cancer, and the long reach of Google is just beyond creepy.

I couldn’t imagine using Canary, but Dev seems fine. I guess it’s not old enough for the official Beta yet.

If you feel crazy enough, you can download it here:


4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2001: The year the internet was IE 6

      • Yeah, I haven’t been a fan of Mozilla for years but Firefox just has that one feature I just have to have. The fact that they police extensions isn’t even the worst part though, they also have spied on users and embedded ads in Firefox and then deny all of it. Also, the switch from XUL to WebExtensions is still something I’m not happy with.

        • I’d forgotten about the death of XUL. I was starting to use it as a nested UI for managing simh, and then it was apparent, that it was going to be a lot of work, and that it was going to be all for nothing as it was going to be quickly dumped.

          So annoying.

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