Megarace for a buck!

Seriously at this price it's a steal!

It's a mediocore race game, sure, but rather Christian Erickson's performance in this Cryo Interactive gem.

2 thoughts on “Megarace for a buck!

  1. One of the first video games I ever played (I think Coktel Vision’s “The Prophecy” was the first). Yeah, it wasn’t great, and I thought it was way too hard at the time. Definitely worth it for the goofy FMV sequences though, I agree.

    • Space Invaders is the first one I can really recall. We had an Intellivision when I was a kid, and plenty of games. The talking thing was the best though! B-17 bomber was awesome! I got good enough where I could finish missions on that thing, which took the better part of FOREVER as that game was very unforgiving.

      I was lucky in that we had a home console in the early 80’s and a Commodore 64 by the time the 1541 floppy drive was available. Although oddly enough my parents were incredibly dismayed that I wanted to do anything in the field related to ‘that stupid machine’. My mother is still convinced she can add faster than any microprocessor.

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