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I’m on an extended work trip, so I’ve been unable to do much of anything blog like the last few weeks. But as a bonus I have about 6 months worth of random crap from Ebay packed up to take back to Hong Kong to review.

And yes, It’s nearly been a year in the making for this one, but rest assured unless the disks are un-readable this will happen!

Otherwise, the Diablo thing with the release to mobile only went over like a proverbial lead balloon.  Kind of gutsy to host a convention to die hard PC fans and try to keynote on a re-skinned rip off phone app, that’s just been accepted as now ‘official’.  Talk about outsourcing gone wrong.

UPDATE: sad news I have a piece of luggage MIA.  This may not be happening now. 

UPDATE2: Bag showed up, loaded the disks, and after 7% of disk one, my 5 1/4″ drive just died.


14 thoughts on “Soon

  1. It be nice see disk is readable for dumps. Microsoft Game Shop is between Microsoft Quickbasic 4.5 and Microsoft Qbasic 1.0. It be nice see change in Microsoft Game Shop if is disk readable. Microsoft Game Shop might more closer to Qbasic line than Quickbasic because it lack Compiler. If Microsoft Game Shop worked you can use compiler for Quickbasic 4.5 to make exe files like in Qbasic.

    • Yes. Tomorrow I start my trip back, along with my haul of obsolete junk. I should be returning to business as usual for the middle of the week.

      I know the drought of content has been rough but I do have an acceptable tidal wave of stuff to work on now.

    • I still need to get a new drive… I’ve been caught up in payroll hell and haven’t been paid in a month+ so I haven’t had money for side stuff… that and dental surgery has really messed up my stuff.

      That said, someone bought the set. It looks like it’d have been a good set, along with the book for the era. I still think Turtle/Basic are good for kids, but throwing crazy OO stuff at them is just so over the top crazy.

    • I ordered it but it didn’t make it.

      I’ve been having a big problem with the post office refusing to deliver and either destroying stuff or returning it. I went through hell to get the postmaster to step in and get it fixed.

      I’ll order another one.

    • I’m thinking that the disks oxidized, and the magnetic layer came right off…

      Not all 30+ year old disks are readable. Turns out some will wipe their surface all over the head gunking it all up.

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