Program in C

If you have kids, or were a kid of the 1990's you'll appreciate this.

4 thoughts on “Program in C

  1. Yeh, so true! Little girls and boys have to know the bloat, oop and template evilness of modern programming language 😉

    Thank you, video was fun.

  2. I can’t hear this song without thinking of the honest trailer’s version.

    As for C vs C++, I recently switched BoxedWine from C to C++. The first draft of this used a lot of template classes and STL. Now I have removed most of that. Getting performance out of the STL is difficult unless you understand the classes at the source code level because of all the default constructor that run and memory allocations. Maybe I will change my mind at some point as I get more comfortable using the STL, but for now it’s easier to not use it. So far I feel that switching to C++ was worth it, the code in my opinion is more readable, and I did reduce my line count significantly.

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