OS X Server 1.0 on Qemu (almost)


I was pretty amazed to see it even get this far.  Credit to Steve Troughton Smith for his patched BootX, which gets the boot process this far.  It’ll actually start the NeXTSTEP style install, but the keyboard won’t work either USB or ADB.  Oh well.

..\qemu-system-ppc.exe -L .. -m 256 -drive file=MacOSXServer10.iso,index=0,format=raw,media=cdrom -drive file=BootX_custom.dmg,index=2,format=raw,media=disk -drive file=bla.disk,index=1,format=qcow2,media=disk -prom-env “boot-device=ide2:2,\BootX” -prom-env “boot-args=-v rd=sd0 debug=0xffe kdp=2” -prom-env “boot-file=ide0:11,\mach_kernel” -g 800x600x8 -device adb-keyboard -device adb-mouse -cpu G3 -M g3beige


5 thoughts on “OS X Server 1.0 on Qemu (almost)

  1. (goes and looks)

    Ah yes I think the requirement for BootX is because OpenBIOS doesn’t support MachO binaries, but that’s fairly easy to sort out if someone has the time – otherwise it stays on my TODO list…

    Once that’s done it just needs someone to figure out why the ADB/USB isn’t working, although given that the OS apparently thinks the CPU frequency is 0MHz it could simply be that the OS timers are getting misconfigured.

    • I was thinking that too, as 0Mhz seemed a bit odd… If I could figure out how to make those blasted CD’s I’d just re-build my own kernel and hard code it to some answer. I guess if I was smart too, I’d just look at the platform code, and point out where it comes up with 0….

      • It’s likely trying to read a PROM or OpenFirmware parameter. It’s possible to boot a kernel from a third party location like a floppy or HDD, and tell it to start a CD (boot=cdi I think) at the boot prompt. I had it written down and it’s probably in the thread on NeXTForums.

        It would be fairly trivial to use that to get a full system start if we could get the PPC kernel to build. That would likely require building on PPC Rhaspody though.

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