Microsoft Game Shop

This one showed up on eBay of all places.  The original MSRP was $49.95 USD.

Microsoft Game Shop

Well it seems that back in the early 90’s Microsoft was transitioning their Basic offering from the QuickBASIC to Qbasic.  And one of the launch products was the Microsoft Game Shop, back from 1990.  This was a specialized version apparently without any compiler, but included a tutorial based around games to teach basic.

Microsoft Game Shop (back)

Which back in the day it looks like it would have been a good way to inspire kids, although I have never heard of it.  There is even a glowing review in Compute, issue 130.

From the packing list it contains:

QuickBasic went on to become the cut down QBasic that was later included in MS-DOS 5.0, Windows NT 3.1, and of course OS/2 2.00.

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  1. Beautiful, I would have loved this when I was a kid! Then again, part of the reason that moving from GW-BASIC to QuickBASIC made me feel like a professional was the fact that I could make .EXE files 🙂

    I was wondering what version of QuickBASIC it was based on and answered my question – it sounds like it’s halfway between QuickBASIC 4.5 and QBasic.

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