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A long while ago I had combined both 8bit boy & a JAVA port of DOSBox for a run in your browser extravaganza featuring a Russian version of Windows/386 and tetris (along with other Russian adapted games).  But time moves on, and flash apps fall out of favor, and well Oracle did their thing and Java is basically dead in the browser.  I had been trying to go with a javascript solution for a while, but js-dos looks better than the last few iterations.

However I haven’t figured out how to boot into a disk image, and attempting to loop to loop causes it to hang.  So I’m stuck with a simple zip of tetris and using the newer 8bit boy javascript port to hammer out some MOD’s of various theme music.  It’s not perfect but it’s better than being dead, which is where it was before this.

You can see it here.

I though this same tech would be a great way to take my GCC 1.27 build of DooM, and shove it in DOSBox and get it out into the world.  Although its far too slow for me, but it could be this crap laptop.  (my new one should be here in 7 days, but I have to travel again in 5…..).  I had also updated my DJGPP cross project to include 1.27, and rename the v1 as gcc_v139 to at least reflect what it is.

You can check out this super early GCC compiled version of DooM here.

I’ll have to try to convert over all I can.  I hated having all this stuff basically configured, but then thanks to SUN going bust, and Oracle being Oracle it all got screwed over.


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    • changes in question are:

      Add some slightly better demo skip logic. v1.1 has version 1 & 2 demos. v1.2 has 2 & 3. version 1&2 crash this engine hard.
      2017-08-19 06:04:45 Tree
      Better fix for WIMINUS, now the Doom v1.1 registered WAD can change levels.
      2017-08-19 02:48:58 Tree
      Let the menus work for the DooM v1.1 commercial wad. There is no nightmare mode, so detect it.
      2017-08-19 02:21:23 Tree
      Minor changes to make older WADS directly playable. v1.0/v1.1 won’t work from the menu as there is no nightmare mode…
      2017-08-19 02:02:47 Tree
      The STTMINUS thing was added no doubt pretty late.. So I put in a little logic to detect if it’s there, and now I can load older wad’s.
      2017-08-18 15:23:22 Tree

  1. I’m also disappointed with what happened to Java in the browser, which is why I stopped working on Java Dosbox.

    I’m now working on getting 16-bit and 32-bit older games to run in a browser using javascript and Wine. It probably won’t run most things your throw at it yet, but here are some demos if you’re interested.


  2. I looked at winzork. I’m not familiar with Windows 3.0, but the zork.exe doesn’t look like a Win16 file, it’s reporting as a dos file. I get a Bad EXE format msg from Wine.

    Yeah, it’s using Emscripten. BoxedWine is partial x86 CPU emulator that can run apps (not OS’s). I implemented enough of the Linux system calls so that it can run an unmodified 32-bit build of Wine for Linux. My goal is to run old Windows games in a platform independent way, using C and SDL, without a copy of Windows, like what Dosbox did for Dos.

    • I’ll have to pack it up better, but anyways it does run, but the font’s are all messed up. So you really can’t read anything. I went ahead and tried QuickC for Windows for the heck of it, but the lack of win87em.dll causes it to panic.

      I packed up it and QC here.

      Awesome job again tho! This is super cool!

  3. It says the site no longer exists and the only other place i could find 8bitboy was some random site on bored button. What happened to the site? D:

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