Darwin 1.4.1 installs on Qemu 2.7!

Darwin 1.4.1 on Qemu

Darwin 1.4.1 on Qemu

I tried the x86 version from Apple’s Darwin web site.  For those who don’t know Darwin was (is?) an open source version of the OS X kernel and userland.  This was on parity with the OS X 10.1 release.  It was notoriously picky about hardware back in 2001, let alone anything today, and much to my amazement it installed fine on Qemu 2.7.

Source code to the packages should be about here. and the ISO is still on Apple’s site here.

2 thoughts on “Darwin 1.4.1 installs on Qemu 2.7!

  1. As I’m not sure whether my previous comments were submitted correctly (feel free to delete the duplicates if so), here goes again: Darwin 0.3 for PPC can be found here ansealk.ru/ftp/OLD_OS/Apple Darwin/ (though the server appears to be down at the moment). The first version to also have an x86 ISO was 1.3.1 but I have been unable to track down this one.

    • Sorry my spam system kills off stuff that has obviously bogus email addresses, etc…

      I know there had to be some crazy early releases as I have a kernel version 0.68 source code as well which should be back in the DR releases for OS X 1.0 … I don’t know if the older stuff was too obviously OPENSTEP derived, while they wanted to remove more older stuff on the road to OS X 10?

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