Main Quasijarus site is down. kind of has a snapshot, but nothing for the files.

I put what I have onto sourceforge, since they have all my other unix stuff online…


Thanks to our readers the site has been saved!

qjsrc-se53pra0.tar.gz is the source SCCS reconstruction

And here is the 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0c release.

27 thoughts on “Main Quasijarus site is down.

  1. Today WinWorldPC found a Microsoft Word for DOS: “Beta Test Version X1.06”. The files on this version are dated September 7, 1983. Despite the higher version number, this predates the October 1983 release of Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS. Presumably the version number was reset for the offical release.

    downloads links

    • I think we just all assumed it would be there forever.. I just happened to check on a whim and discovered it’s all gone. I think my install ‘tape’ at least has source. But I haven’t looked

      • Arg, we looked into 2.11BSD at the end of 2015 over at TUHS/PUPS.

        Warren was able to recover some bits that rotted from the archive from backups. I don’t have much hope in reconstructing a pristine unpatched 2.11BSD release anymore though. This went wrong at the start as the base 2.11BSD master tapes already suffered from corruption, but you never know. I crossed the below to the sages at cctech to no avail back then.

        Over at TUHS an attempt to put the history of 2.11BSD under version
        control (git) stranded somewhat.

        After some digging the patchlevels that can be found in the archives
        are now 195, 277, 303 and 431. The base 2.11BSD is sorely missing.

        The numbered updates by Steven M. Schultz are not pure context diffs.
        eg. an attempt to reverse them breaks where ld.c is removed in update
        #160 and can’t be pieced back together accurately using 2.10xBSD and
        assorted patches.

        Maybe someone here who missed the thread on the TUHS mailing list has
        a really old copy of 2.11BSD lying around?

      • sadly I was under the impression that it had all been saved. I absolutely have some old BSD stuff and I’ll check if there is any 2.11BSD around. If I do find anything I will post on TUHS.

  2. I’m mirroring trnsz right now. If Cory Smelosky could share his copy, I’d make a backup of that as well. It’s frightening how stuff like this can vanish in a second. They always tell you the ‘net never forgets.



    • Interestingly enough, it never forgets, only as long as there is interest or motivation.

      IPFS is a very interesting distributed solution to this problem but not a bulletproof one – essentially, imagine a web where no URL would ever disappear as long as somebody somewhere requested it within the last month or so.

      It’s something I use in my own projects using local swarms and eventually would like to explore solutions with the preservation and emulation communities.

      • Related – I believe a similar fate recently befell the 2BSD main site.

        I believe nothing was nothing was lost since we have the PICBSD/RetroBSD and TUHS/PUPS communities.

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