Mariko’s x68000 GCC 1.42 on Windows

Yes, I probably need a better hobby.

D:\proj\142\gcc-1.42_x68000>gccnew.exe -v -c x.c
gcc version 1.30 Tool#2(X680x0)
hcpp.exe -v -undef -D__GNUC__ -Dmc68000 -Dhuman68k -DHUMAN68K -DMARIKO_CC -Dmariko_cc -D__mc68000__ -D__human68k__ -D__HUMAN68K__ -D__MARIKO_CC__ -D__mariko_cc__ x.c C:\Users\jason\AppData\Local\Temp\x.cpp
GNU CPP version 1.30 Tool#2(X680x0)
hcc1.exe C:\Users\jason\AppData\Local\Temp\x.cpp -quiet -dumpbase x.c -fhuman -version -o C:\Users\jason\AppData\Local\Temp\x.s
GNU C version 1.30 Tool#2(X680x0) (HAS Ver 3.XX syntax)
compiled by GNU C version 5.1.0.
default target switches:
x.c: 5: Message:ì┼ôKë╗é═ìséφéΩé─éóé▄é╣é±
run68 has.x -e -w -u -i . C:\Users\jason\AppData\Local\Temp\x.s -o x.o
D:\proj\142\gcc-1.42_x68000>run68 ..\hlkb\hlk301.x x.o CLIB.L
D:\proj\142\gcc-1.42_x68000>run68 x
Hello x68000 from GCC 1.30 Tool#2(X680x0)!

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]

I’ve gotten the compiler to build natively as a win32, however the assembler & linker are x68000 programs that I run via run68.  libgcc.a is missing so there is no floating point support at all.  I have to figure out how to generate it.  Right now it’s using the SHARP/Hudson libraries on the C Compiler PRO-68K ver2.1 disks.

I don’t think this will be of value to anyone, but for the hell of it, you can download my incredibly rough port here.

gcc142_x68000.7z You really want this one instead: gcc-1-30-x68000

Linking doesn’t work by default, so you have to manually link, as what I did above.

4 thoughts on “Mariko’s x68000 GCC 1.42 on Windows

  1. No, you don’t. I comment rarely, but I read every single thing you write and almost always I’m amazed, impressed and taught a thing or two. You’re kind of my role model when it comes to this stuff. I try to follow as much as I can. So, please continue. Sorry, I know this most certainly wasn’t ment true to the word and this sounds terribly cheesy, but I had to say it.



    • Thanks for the words!
      I had posted more about this on where there is more of an active following, but heck I have a blog, I can post here too, especially if anyone finds it even remotely interesting.

      The hard part about showing up to these compiler parities 20+ years too late, is that so many missing bits, and you can’t exactly just go and find anyone to ask what the deal with libgcc is… But at the same time, after getting the OS/2 EMX GCC to build on Windows it looks more and more like a pre-configured GCC can be cross built. Binutils may be a different matter all together, because it manipulates binary files, so there will be endian issues, but GCC just reads and writes text files. From that level it’s very simple, but wow dive into the source code, and behold the complexity……

      • …and that is the point where I just watch you because that’s way out of my league. I get better, but I still have a lot to learn.

        Heh, you would think with the internet and oh-so-cheap storage space, we’d have everything on tap, but no – everyday I encounter sites with useful bits of information about the old stuff vanishing. If it weren’t for the heroes at…

        • Absolutely! I’m astonished over the years, whenever I revisit any old post of mine, and I find that the source material is all gone.

          On the otherhand I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blog for 9 years now!…. and I really should have started it when blogging was first a thing. Or even a web diary thing probably from the late 1990s.

          But back then I’d just recently moved, and you know how a new surrounding can change your mind and outlook, and I decided to document the insanity that interest me. I see I also have 1,259 posts. Wow, I wonder what’s take on me is…..

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