So yeah, sourceforge is still down

sourceforge down

Kind of annoying when I wanted to expand something with mingw, and all their download mirrors are… sourceforge.  And since I finally got around to putting Cockatrice on git but where did I put it? sourceforge.

Seems everyone has a good outage from time to time.  What to do?  Trust more of the cloud?

On Saturday 11AM BST the pages and downloads are back online!

Project pages and downloads back online!

Project pages and downloads back online!

8 thoughts on “So yeah, sourceforge is still down

  1. Well yes. Oddly enough Github who runs all over AWS seems to never have outages will do. You can move your local storage to a Github account.

    Regarding your MinGW problems, they should let you download something locally. Of course according to that Twtter status screen as of several minutes ago, there’s no update indicated. So…. there you go.

    • I know about the ‘download bundler’ nonsense, but they have been in operation far longer than anything else out there, which is why I’ve been hesitant to switch to something that in all likelihood won’t be here in 10 years. Plus it was free and offered more services than things like github/bitbucket. Oh well.

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