Random links

No I’m not dead, just been busy.

But here is some interesting things I’ve seen the last while:

Infer: static code analysis from facebook of all people.  Supports C, Objective-C and Java.

Dr Jack Whitham’s blog, with some interesting stuff related to compiler optimizations and how they alter floating point results, along with ‘bug 323‘, and some DOOM fun!  Plus he has his updated source repositories online here.

And finally, Building A 10BASE5 “Thick ethernet” network.  A fun look at the first gen ethernet cabling on ‘slightly’ newer machines.

2 thoughts on “Random links

  1. Nice to see his 10BASE5 stuff getting credit where it would be appreciated. It went up on Hack a Day and despite being three years old, the site not the hardware, it got not very favorable reviews there.

    Too many people always respond poorly back there. A few did provide favorable ones, and mention that they used hardware discards, either from work or from school to build their home services.

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