VMware releases version 6 of ESX

vSphere Hypervisor version 6

vSphere Hypervisor version 6

I’m still running 5.5 at the office, so I guess it’s a matter of hooking up a monitor, dumping my VMs, and trying the upgrade and hoping it doesn’t destroy everything…

You can download it here, for free as in beer.

4 thoughts on “VMware releases version 6 of ESX

  1. The step from 5.5 to 6.0 is not quite as simple as the previous updates (like 5.0->5.1 or 5.1->5.5). You should definitely read the few KB articles that are mentioned in the release notes for some caveats.

    And don’t forget to upgrade your vCenter to 6.0 first

    I suggest putting the host in maintenance mode and simply do a fresh installation with 6.0

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