Leonard Nimoy passed away.



To say that Star Trek influenced many nerds of today is a massive understatement.  From the over estimating engineer, the surly physician, the cocky captain to the logical science officer the show had everything that children of all ages could not only appreciate, but aspire to be.

It was sad news to wake up to find that Leonard had passed from complications with his pulmonary disease.  Even though he quit smoking some 30 years ago it simply wasn’t enough.

We are fortunate in this digital age where we can celebrate his life’s works, and remember him for the role that made him a world recognized icon.


The final frontier

Indeed a role model to many has departed to that final frontier.

Leonard Nimoy was 83.


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  1. sad news indeed. with iconic people like spock/nimoy, i sort of feel they’re literally immortal.. until they pass away. i don’t think this had anything to do with smoking, though. lol at 83? xD

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