(this is a guest post from Tenox)

MPW is an emulator that lets you run Apple MPW toolkit under OSX and build classic OS apps on a modern environment. Enjoy this informative blog post about it…

Certainly a new hope for more decent Aclock port to Carbon…


5 thoughts on “MPW for OSX

  1. wow that looks totally useless, and totally awesome at the same time!! although I wonder who’s holding on to so much 68000 based code these days… but it’s still incredibly promising!

    • Doh – misinterpreted the purpose. This is for cross-compiling newer code to Mac 68K in OS X. Great idea – and perfect for aclock of course.
      In theory, if GrayBox could be compiled for x86 you could get the GUI MPW tools running on Intel OS X…

  2. I found some time last night to have a play with it. It all seems to be working, however the compiled 68K apps I have don’t seem to want to work on System 7, saying I need a newer version of MacOS. Hoping to have another go tonight and get something running.

    Tenox, do you have the existing aclock mac port source?

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