Well ever since Oracle managed to screw up Java into a mass of uselessness, it looks like javascript is going to save the day.

Yes that javascript.

That emscripten compiler now can build DOSBox.  Thats right, you can run DOSBox in your browser.  For more infomation check out EMDOSBox.

It works great with Chrome.



Check out this site, which has many games all configured.

I’ll have to convert out all my old stuff, which is just as well since java is effectively dead.

8 thoughts on “JS-DOS

    • Considering the zero deployment possibility it sure has the possibility. Emscripten really is a game changer, being able to run C. Flash 10 was in the same direction before everyone piled on and drove to kill Flash.

      If I had to do some web deployment thing today I wouldn’t waste a second with Java. Its beyond a disaster right now.

      • I actually did that a while back… It was ungodly slow… I did the uVAX booting 4.2BSD.

        Obviously the faster thing is to port SIMH directly to the browser.

        Which I should imagine should be easy to do, if I knew more about browsers…… lol

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