Visual Studio Community 2013 with Update 4

Visual Studio Community 2013 update 4

Free stuff!

If you are like me buying a compiler is something I don’t do terribly often.  Or I end up doing it for projects or even worse, I end up using old versions I bought over 10 years ago, because Visual C++ 5.0 should be good enough for anyone, right? (I also own Visual Studio 2003, so it’s not THAT bad….)

So it was interesting that Microsoft released Visual Studio Community & Express as part of their Connect (); event.  It’s a whopper of a download though, a 6GB iso file.

I haven’t installed it yet, I’m actually still downloading it.  But it certainly implies that it is far more capable than the older Express Editions.

And of course, for the upcoming 2015 release:

“Built from the ground up with support for iOS, Android and Windows, Visual Studio 2015 Preview makes it easier for developers to build applications and services for any device, on any platform.”

Not to mention they are also apparently going to open up the source to .NET .  The press release also claims:

expanding .NET to run on the Linux and Mac OS platforms.

I guess that’ll only be a matter of time to tell.

If anything it’ll be a good excuse to crank out some Quake benchmarks.

4 thoughts on “Visual Studio Community 2013 with Update 4

  1. When I am downloading it.. After a minute of downloading it stops automatically. I tried it 4-5 times every time after downloading 10-15 MB it instantly stops. Is there any problem with the link or at my side.

    • I think it’s a popular download right now. I have a total crap internet connection (6mb DSL) but was able to download this during my night. And they just release the 2015 preview, which I was also able to download during the day..

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