Dealing with CopyQM file format


So I had a few disk images in the CopyQM formwat, and trying to get an emulator to output them back to a disk image is well.. really trying.  Then as luck would have it, I stumbled onto the program read_cqm.c and it does exactly what it says it’ll do which is read the CopyQM disk images, and then output them into a raw format.

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  1. Giving this one a shot — hope I can get a set of CP/M-86 bootdisks into a format Winimage will find more palatable.

      1. Compiled fine using Bloodshed Dev-C with GCC! looks like this one outputs .dd images. Now, I need to get that into the .img Winimage likes, and not Sydex’s own .img format.

        1. the .dd looked like a ‘raw’ image to me, I was able to boot up on PCEm without any issues… I don’t know why winimage wouldn’t like them, it liked mine…

        2. for CP/M disks, I liked CPMTOOLS, although you’ll need to know what kind of format the disks were/are… I guess they are CP/M for the PC, so you can work with that. Or try an emulator and see if it boots.

    1. WinImage doesn’t like CP/M format at all (isn’t FAT or anything like that). To extract files from those disks you will need use other tool that can work the CP/M format.

    1. As already said in comp.os.cpm, the readily build cpmtools for Windows does _not_ include LibDsk at all.
      So as a workaround, all other programs (see my blog also for my hints about using cpmtools with VMWare Player and Virtualbox) which may help to convert image files should be considered also.

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