5 thoughts on “EtsyJs – Atari ST Emulator in JavaScript

  1. Awesome ! Thank for the link : Atari ST was my really first computer (after a ZX81) : the real computer which I learn computer science (And fun for games) !

    Just a bug with this emulator : mouse is not catch correctly under Firefox 30 (OS X) and doesn’t run under Safari (OS X)

    • That’s wonders of JavaScript and browser incompatibilities for you.

      Atari ST was also my first “real” computer after ZX Spectrum 🙂 I had 80 MB hard disk, etc. Later I had Atari TT.

    • Doh! was searching your posts – so I didn’t see that neozeed posted it on your behalf. Great article, and an awesome project.

      Can’t wait to read part 3 now!

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