More NET/2 to 386BSD 0.0 fun

I just got an email that the ‘officially sanctioned’ patches to Net/2 are still located here.  Just about every 386BSD 0.0 mirror that survives is missing these files.  So I made a copy of them on mine, here.

This dates the patches to February 26th 1992, and all the 3 1/2″ binaries being the 4th of March 1992.  And for more confusion the 5 1/4″ floppies date to the 17th of March.  The 40kb worth of user patches ended around June of 1992.

Also of interest is the Dr Dobbs articles…

Porting Unix to the 386: a Practical Approach.


Porting Unix to the 386: Research & the Commercial Sector Where does BSD fit in? 


6 thoughts on “More NET/2 to 386BSD 0.0 fun

  1. I bet it would be worthwile to download the entire hierarchy. It had a lot of xenix goodies too, and god only knows what else it might be preserving.

    The admin once said that he loves to keep all the stuff, after all it’s just a few gygabytes more, and eventually they will become useful to someone.

    The problem is, the admin might change…

      • They have 20TB of storage space available IIRC.. even if they’re not even close to fill that they did upgrade from (again IIRC) some 10TB some time back, presumably for a reason..
        (wait let me check their README – yes that’s about right. Seems they exhausted the 10TB they had back in 2010)


        • On the other hand pub/msdos, pub/unix and many other hierarchies are from the nineties and storage size is nothing by today’s standards. Could presumably be mirrored easily with their 10Gb/s bandwith, although they do ask people to refrain from going wild with downloads of stuff available elsewhere.


          • Just contact the admins and offer to pay for bandwidth costs and time to send every file before 2000 to you? 😛 I wonder what the best way to rsync all files before 2000 is… It seems like in a 20TB archive that it would take a long time to even get started.

            I’m willing to be that due to geometric increases in storage, that less than 1% of the storage would cover 99% of the stuff you’re interested in. There can’t have been too many things Xenix-related uploaded to it since 2000, for example.

            Once you do this, you can use Bit Torrent to keep up the pre-2000 mirror. Best mix of old and new technology! 🙂

          • I wanted to do a torrent thing before but it kind of fell by the wayside. ppart of the issue is that I can adds all kinds of crap potentially blowing people’s limits.. Although I wonder about things like Bittorent Sync, although it isn’t 100% free.. and it’s API is constantly changing to new and exciting ways but breaking clients left & right..

            Oh well I do what I can, but and the like is the winner so far for old preservation.

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