4 thoughts on “ioccc pc emulator

  1. LOL that could be implemented in many microcontrollers. Maybe someone should post a project at HackADay with a board that emulates both an Apple II (not +/e/c/etc.) and a PC. Just switch the firmware image to get the other device. It seems like this code might inspire someone to port it to 18F devices. Funny bit is I’ve seen Chinese manufacturers sometimes sell premade versions of stuff like that.

    Actually, I’m pretty sure I saw a project like that on there, already… But only one type of machine. You can actually output VGA/composite(NTSC/PAL) or do bit-banged USB 1.0 on many of even the lower-end microcontrollers, nowadays.

    • I was wondering the other day about some kind of embedded system and if it could do some kind of ISA passthrough with DMA. But how many people have ISA sound blasters, Adlib’s, AHA 1542’s… etc etc… Then again wouldn’t I just be making a dosbox.. box? Or loading QEMU into silicon to make a pc…?

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