PCem v8 released!

New features include:

  • New machines – SiS496/497, 430VX
  • WinChip emulation (including MMX emulation)
  • New graphics cards – S3 Trio64, Trident TGUI9440AGi, ATI VGA Edge-16, ATI VGA Charger, OAK OTI-067, ATI Mach64
  • New sound cards – Adlib Gold, Windows Sound System, SB AWE32
  • Improved GUS emulation
  • MPU-401 emulation (UART mode only) on SB16 and AWE32
  • Fixed DMA bug, floppy drives work properly in Windows 3.x
  • Fixed bug in FXAM – fixes Wolf 3D, Dogz, some other stuff as well
  • Other FPU fixes
  • Fixed serial bugs, mouse no longer disappears in Windows 9x hardware detection
  • Major reorganisation of CPU emulation
  • Direct3D output mode
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Various internal changes

pretty cool!

You can find the source code, binaries, and some ROMs on Tom’s Page.  I’ve got to say I really like PCem, it gives the full (slow and painful, like the real thing) retro PC experience!

16 thoughts on “PCem v8 released!

  1. My win32 binary of PCem v8 (v0.8) contains some CPU fixes to allow Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and PC-DOS 3.x/MS-DOS 3.x to run at the same time, I will publish it later 🙂

    • Why do you would like Cyrix whe you have WinChip emulation, which is basically a better Cyrix from that time? Isn’t like you will have speed improvements using a higher guest vCPU anyways, since the core comes from MESS sources, and them don’t have things like dynamic recompiling and such, since their goal is emulate the cpu in every aspect, even if it comes with performance penalties.

      Network card emulation idea sounds better although. Also would be nice if PCEM someday come with a sort of ISA SCSI emulation, to play along better with OSs that don’t like IDE too much, like Banyan VINES, but that’s to much dreaming…

    • That sounds so awesome! If you have the patched version of PCem v8.1, you’re welcome to e-mail me. 🙂

      I’m currently using PCem v8.1 r91 at the moment and so far, I don’t know if anyone has posted any revisions to PCem v8.1 at this time.

      • I saw a patch to enable NTVDM to operate on PCem. However because of those idiots @ clean-mx I can’t host open binaries anymore… Ive been thinking of using mega.co.nz but now I have like 30gb to upload on a slow connection 🙁

          • I hosted the binaries on my own, the problem is that clean-mx thinks WindowsCE stuff is a virus, and flagged my site.

            So thanks to them, I’m unable to load stuff on my own server.

          • Oh dear. That is awful that clean-mx would flag your WindowsCE stuff and your site as a virus when they don’t properly think that it is a false-positive. 🙁

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