Qemu 1.6.0 binaries for OS X

I was kind of a slacker on this one, but here we go, all built for OS X. For anyone new, you’ll want 7za to extract the 7zip archive.

I’ve included the glib2 that I’m using that performs pretty well with Qemu, along with pixman & libintl.

  • Extract glib.tar
  • Copy the contents of glib (so all the files in ./usr/local/lib/) to /usr/local/lib on your local machine.
  • Copy libintl.8.dylib and libpixman-1.0.dylib to /usr/local/lib

And that should get you going.

I’ve tested it with MS-DOS & Doom 1.1 along with QuakeWorld for MS-DOS.  Both work fine.  The other things I have tested that don’t work is OS/2 1.21 and Novell Netware 3.12.  Although -M isapc is working again, Netware still hangs when mounting any volumes.

QWDos running

QWDos running

I may try to see if I can get a Win32 build going with the same version of glib2 (2.23.6) that works fine on OS X.

One thought on “Qemu 1.6.0 binaries for OS X

  1. On Macs it’s not possible to set CPU affinity, and there are programs which have issues on multi-core systems. Do you think QEMU could be used to emulate a one-core CPU (and preferably only the CPU, and not the whole OS)?

    If that’s possible, what about performance–should I choose a virtual processor that would be similar to my own? Can I use it with Wine and this “user mode emulation”?

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