QNX 2.21 Purchase Fund

(note this is a guest post from Tenox)

So QNX 2.21 popped up on eBay. I’m organizing a collection so that everyone interested in getting a copy can chip in. I have previously covered QNX 2.1 that I purchased on my own and was getting a lot of requests for the install disk images. So this time instead of pissing people off I decided to let everyone participate! 🙂

Please comment with the amount you can chip in and once say 1/2 will be covered I will purchase it.

I have purchased the item for $500 via best offer. This is much more reasonable. Of course still looking for people to chip in for the purchase.

Please send your contributions to: [email protected] selecting for “friends and family” instead of goods or services. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “QNX 2.21 Purchase Fund

  1. Well, well, well,.. it’s a rip-off price (if you’re not an extremely rich antiquity collector though).
    The seller’s web site already shows some little discount, so probably it’s better not to hurry with buying it.

    What’s so precious in this ancient piece of software, while there’re newer versions of it available?
    Does it contain full source codes? Or is it a binary release (for some old i386 PC perhaps)?

  2. this would be awesome, but i really don’t have the cash right now. : / not to mention the price is too steep for my liking. around 4-500$ would be fair.

  3. I can paypal $25 … I haven’t worked since November since I’ve been on my odyssey… and I think my wife would freak out if she ever saw this…. LOL

  4. Guys, I think I misunderstood.
    You are buying QNX 2:21? This is it?
    I’m from Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, and worked 20 years with QNX 2.21. I’m using google translator to write to you.
    I have multiple licenses with me. I have the manual, I have the original disks.
    I think I must have been about 15.
    And I arknet’s plates also because I rode networks.
    Plus I still have a machine and software developed in C86 with C-Tree database.
    I think I can develop anything yet.
    good times

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