12 thoughts on “So yeah, Qemu 1.4.0 was released!

  1. Get a VPN. A VPN will let you do what ancient Mongolia could not: break the great wall of China. I think you could use SSH tunneling too in a pinch.

    From there, you can get any American provider. (though it might be slow)

    • so far so good. although I set my firewall to block all inbound for now… I’m going to get a PC tomorrow.. god knows how much spyware and crud comes in from the factory.

  2. But… ancient Mongolia _did_ break the great wall of China…Gengis had no trouble there, an his grandson was still on the throne when good old Marco came over from Italy to have a chat.

    I haven’t been in China for years, but at least back then I had no trouble connecting where I wished via an ssh tunnel back home. My colleague who was just casually browsing on a nearby PC found that half of the web pages he tried to access came up with injected censor messages. On the other hand we had no trouble working there, in fact we concluded that it was much less hassle to travel and work in China than when going to the US, which is so much bother that we try to avoid it as much as possible.

    (But I’m totally bevildered about why China came up in a post about a new Qemu release..)

  3. Ahh! You’re in HK, that had passed me by somehow.. hope you have a great time!
    weather.com? Now that’s strange.. imperialist weather? Was it just inaccessible, or censored? Because when I was over there it was not possible to be in doubt as to what was blocked and not, the blocked addresses were all replaced by messages explaining the badness (I assume – can’t read Chinese) of the web site.
    Could it simply be that weather.com has blocked the IP range you’re accessing from? Certainly a lot of sites will just block a range from certain places when they get tired of attacks originating from there.

    VPN should solve it all, hopefully.

    • you know I didn’t think of a straight up IP block. I’m tunneling out to get my ilicit weather reports… LOL

      I was wondering if it was some how weather.com covering smog..? But an IP block makes perfect sense.

      I’ll be here for two months, then off to Japan!

      Nothing like a bit of a trip to escape the norm.

          • I’ll go to Mie prefecture. Climate is kind of Mediterranean, although more humid in the summer (hot and humid instead just hot as in southern Italy..). Much the same as Rome this time of the year.

          • I think I stopped there on the way to Kyoto..

            Now I’m thinking after a few gratuitous days around Akihabara, I’ll have to head to Sapporo…

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