Qemu 1.3 released!

You can download the source from qemu.org.  And the changelog is here.

I am on an extended holiday, and I don’t have access to any Windows build machines, or OS X build environment.. So I won’t have a build of this for quite some time (March?)..  Unless I score something in the UK that is.  Or until I find an external disk I can abuse the living daylights out of compiling.  The laptop I’m using is all flash and I don’t think it’d be ‘nice’ to run compile on it for fear of burning it out.

Anyways yeah, new Qemu.

These aren’t my binaries.. but here you go. No idea if they work, either.

One thought on “Qemu 1.3 released!

  1. Do you still have the Windows binary for qemu-0.9.0 + libpcap kicking around? Been trying to run NetWare 3.12 or 4.x + traffic capture and I am constantly getting referenced back to your site. Seems nowhere else on the net has a precompiled qemu-0.9.0 w/ some kind of capture support. Also tried latest qemu and NW312 and got the classic dirty bits ABEND.

    Been looking for SPX traffic samples and none exist, so I need to create my own. Seems running an old NW312/32/NW4.x server is the only way. Nothing in 6.5 seems to operate on that protocol anymore.

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