5 thoughts on “Another OS/2 extravaganza on the Register!

  1. I remember playing DOS games on OS/2 Warp. It ran DOS games better than DOS because I didn’t have to worry about how much low memory the mouse driver, etc used. No more separate boot disks for different games or complex 4DOS scripts.

    • OS/2 2.0 & beyond were.. well too good at running MS-DOS applications.. Its too bad IBM wouldn’t let MS bring Windows to OS/2 although at the same time if they did, the SDK costs would have been astronomical no doubt.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about OS/2. I’ve just enjoyed wasting the last couple of hours reading all those articles on El Reg. I remember spending all my hard-earned cash buying 2.0 and trying to get it running on a 386SX then watching it swallow up most of my hard drive. After getting my fingers burned I stepped back to DOS and DesQview before getting a copy of Warp much cheaper as a second user and finding it was quite useable on a 386DX with a massive 8MB of memory.

    My version 2.0 has Win 3.0 built-in but Warp is without.

    I still have both sets of installation disks in the attic somewhere. Is it worth trying to load ’em up onto a VM? because I’m feeling all nostalgic right now…

    • OS/2 is almost always worth a look, although it really is useless by itself.. the best thing I ever scored was the TCP/IP kit on ebay years ago.. Being able to connect to the world makes all the difference…

      Anyways check out here, for some vague idea of how to install OS/2. Keep your virtual disk under 2000MB because of old IDE limitations.. Formatting HPFS will take FOREVER as it’ll scan the media.

      NetBUI lan can be somewhat useful, I use an old NT server that can serve out on NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and TCP/IP. It makes it somewhat easier to have them all in one.

      And of course my gratuitous tour of OS/2 versions is here.

      Lastly check out the OS/2 museum, for all kinds of OS/2 info!

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