So I had to move providers again.

I don’t know what on earth is going on with all these VPS providers getting DDOS’d as of late.. So here I am on VPS #4.  I lost my last post so I’ll have to recreate it later on.

Right now I’m just trying to get my old vpsland archive back online.  Sadly my DSL is rate limited to a whopping 64KB/sec so this will take … a long long while.

Thankfully I had a recent-ish backup of my blog, so all is well there!

8 thoughts on “So I had to move providers again.

    • yeah if anything out of this, I’ve gotten somewhat good about having cron update a backup set! .. although the scripts were on the old VM.. so the other lesson is to backup the backup program !

    • I had made a copy shortly beforehand as well, as these denial of service attacks were getting out of hand. The old provider has my data as well but I think I can just merge all this stuff and I’ll be back in action more or less. It looks like the Qemu stuff is almost all in place there is just so much to upload at 64kB a sec..

      At least this is working!

    • It was on OS/2 1.1 Extended Edition… I posted it up a few minute before the last VPS up and died on me… What I seem to be more pissed about is somehow my backup excluded the /jdosbox stuff … I’m still trying to work out again how I got it to run somewhat smoothly.

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