Just to let people know I’m still alive!

Sorry I’ve spent so much time looking for that old OS/2 beta stuff, I didn’t realize it has been a while since I posted…

In the meantime I was working up something about the evolution of Windows 3.0, to 3.0a and the multimedia version, along with what features I’ve been able to discern about the OS/2 2.0 beta..  Like did you know that MS was going to put TrueType fonts in it?  I guess that is why IBM went with Adobe..

And of course there was no plans for SOM, or the Object desktop in OS/2 2.0 it was going to look/feel more like OS/2 1.21 or Windows 3.0 than what eventually shipped as OS/2 2.0  .

I don’t know what it is interesting about that time period… And I scored a real copy of OS/2 2.0 for $5, I was going to do more of a teardown of that, once I get some kind of scanner… Or maybe try to flip it on ebay in some kind of workable manner vs being old dead stuff in a box?

I donno.

5 thoughts on “Just to let people know I’m still alive!

    • yeah that is how I found it by accident! It seems the deal was with Microsoft exclusively and it wasn’t a simple plug&play operation which is why it didn’t make it until Windows 3.1 , and why IBM couldn’t include it in OS/2 …

      I have to wonder if the MS OS/2 2.0 was going to have networking built in much like Windows for Workgroups or Windows 95, instead of being separate products slapped on as it was with OS/2 1.x and beyond. Even the Extended Editions of OS/2 you still had to keep running various setups after installing the Base OS which just felt so… non integrated.

  1. ugh tired of my hosting getting DDos’ed soooo here we are on a new host. I’ve got to transfer the rest of my crap.. so hang tight.

  2. “I don’t know what it is interesting about that time period…’
    Yea, the most interesting thing about 32-bit OS/2 is how MS turned it into an entire fiasco. I could write an entire article about this one. In the meantime see my comments on os2museum blog for example.

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