Hack 1.0.3 for Xenix (i386)


I figured that since I could build hack for some ancient 4BSD flavors that I should be able to build hack for good old fashioned Xenix.

And it all seems to work as it should!

I used the source from here, and only had to do a few small modifications to get it to compile and run on Xenix via GCC 1.37.1 .

You can download my binary, and source mods.

I’ve managed to keep this instance of Xenix up for 19 hours, I was thinking about doing some kind of public access to this system, but I don’t know if people would even be vaguely interested..

But if you want access, I can set you up.

Although all that is of interest is ‘dungeon’, fortune, hack, robots, and ircII …


7 thoughts on “Hack 1.0.3 for Xenix (i386)

  1. I tried to compile these sources under Xenix -86 2.1.3, on a Turbo XT, with 2 30 Mb hard disks, one for source, and the other for temp and swap…

    It ran through about 15 of the source files, and crashed the file system into an unrecoverable state. Needless to say, we scapped Xenix, and only ran with DOS and Windows 1.0.3, but hack for DOS was reliable. Sources never surfaced.

    Thanks, I will add this to my Xenix adventure!

    • Unix without a MMU is a dangerous dangerous thing.

      I would suggest checking out SIM-H, you can simulate that VAX-11/780 you’ve always wanted, but never could afford, let along had anywhere to put, or any real way to justify the power..

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