Quick update on Qemu 1.1.0-1

It seems that I’m not the only person getting this error with existing qcow2 images:

Header extension too large

The good news, is that if you have any way to build your own Qemu its a trivial thing to uh “fix”.  Now I haven’t done that much in the way of testing, maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with Qcows created from older versions of Qemu but the error comes from HERE.

You could just comment out the “return -EINVAL;” and Qemu will continue on its merry little way.

Now I’ve tried converting my qcow2’s to other formats with 0.14 but they all have slight errors that wind up preventing OS/2 from booting (I know that 99% of the would wouldn’t care..).

I’m not sure what to make of it, but it looks like to me, that if you really really want this version its best to remove that check so you can keep your old disk images.. try converting them, but.. they may not work `exactly` right.. TEST…!!!

5 thoughts on “Quick update on Qemu 1.1.0-1

  1. It’s one of these obvious reasons why I don’t run guest OSes using qcow2 images, only raw IMG files.

    Now, I’m off to test Windows 95 in Qemu 1.1 using the VMware drivers. 🙂

  2. I care.
    I use qcow2 for the compression settings on the image file.
    Very handy.
    Besides it’s bad code. It used to work and someone broke it.
    Very sloppy.
    This program has had some sloppy episodes in the past so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
    Anyone actually run 1.2? LOL.
    Fabrice is a god. I’d like to see better of his child.
    I guess you guys like systemd and network manager too. Windows prolly runs on your home computer. Same midset as that clown at RH trying to make it propritary.
    Good luck with that uncontrollable mess.
    You can Garbage collect to your hearts content.
    I’ll prolly have to fix it myself. really don’t want to get mixed up in that tree.

    • I use OS X, and prefer 0.15.1 as it is quite fast/stable .. Although I don’t know if most of your post is meant as an insult or just belittlement to most of the users on the internet or how I stepped in and provided Win32 builds of Qemu… I’m sure quite a bit is lost in translation.

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