Love DOSBox on java, but don’t like java? Love the power of Google’s v8 javascript engine? Well then you’ll love this, introducing jsDOSBox, a port of jDOSBox to javascript!

That’s right, with chrome, it is as simple as click and go!

Doom in dosbox all in javascript!

So how does it perform? well OK OK, its slow, but it sure does have promise!  Then again it could be my laptop.  But wow, emulation in javascript!

Test it here.

7 thoughts on “jsDosBox

  1. Yeah, that is a pretty cool port of the java dosbox code which is a port of the c dosbox code. I never thought that ports would run 2 deep like that 🙂

    I’m also very curious where dosbox as a Google Native Client (http://www.naclbox.com/) will go. Imagine Dosbox with very little performance penalty running a browser.

    • it was a little finicky from the last time I tried it, and it looked like they were going to position it as a ‘cloud service’ that you upload and pay them to host your dos stuff… I guess if you can write your changes back that’s interesting otherwise..

  2. This isn’t the first time emulation was done in javascript – I remember a NES emulator from a few years ago, and then there’s Fabrice Bellard’s x86 emulator with Linux at

  3. Actually, if your collecting javascript x86 emulators, jsdosbox is my second. I previously ported JPC to Js, which as far as i’m aware was the first real mode/protected mode Js x86 emu. Runs freeDOS [pc-emulator.appspot.com], SanOS [www.jbox.dk/war/SanosJs.html] and if your really patient BasicLinux (incl X win) [linuxjsemu.appspot.com]

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