Hiatus is like over.

Even in a hiatus I couldn’t stay away.  DSL should be in my new place on Wednesday so it’ll be business as usual. thanks again for all the support!


3 thoughts on “Hiatus is like over.

  1. Wow. After your last post, I imagined it’d take way longer. Great to have you back. I really do hope that things work out for you.

    • yeah I’ve been feeling somewhat better… after I made the DSL order.. I’m not too thrilled where I’m living, but they let me get a line so I’ll have real internet. It’s some old hotel thing that is now ‘apartments’ … ugh. they have wifi, but because they had issues they went WAP crazy, and have 16 of them all on channel 5. Its completely unusable, I’ve explained it to them, but they can’t even change the equipment… Grr.

      I’m sure Sprint will be glad when I get the DSL as well as I’ve been living on an air card for what? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? now..

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